How to Choose Tile for Your Home

How to Select Tile for Your Home

When it comes to picking tile for your home, your options are virtually limitless and quite possibly overwhelming! That’s why having an expert walking you through the process can ensure you end up with a look that you love. I talked with Sarah Lauletta, interior designer at Louisville Tile Chattanooga, who shared pointers about how to select tile for your next home project.


Set the Scope

Decide where you need new tile. It seems easy, but make a list of all the places you want new tile, like flooring, walls, showers, and your kitchen backsplash. For example, are you redoing a single shower or an entire kitchen? The size and complexity of the work you’re doing will definitely impact the cost of the work and materials.

Know Your Allowances

Work with your contractor to make sure you have a solid understanding of your overall project budget. Even better, find out what specific allowances your budget includes for tile. Ideally, before you start picking out tile, you’ll know exactly how much has been budgeted for the tile and any related costs. If your budget isn’t that detailed, you can arrive at a close estimate by knowing the square footage of the space and your project budget to arrive at the price per square foot.

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Pick a Palette

...or bring in a piece of your countertop. It’s much easier to make a tile selection when you have a focal point or focal color to work with. And it’s not just the color that matters. For example, if your countertop has a busy design that’s full of movement, you’ll want your tile more muted, so the countertop won’t lose its wow factor. Or if your counter is a solid slab of cement, your tile can add a punch of color or pattern to your room.

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Choose Your Tile and Pattern

This is the fun part! Now that you know exactly what rooms or spaces you’re tiling, how much you can spend on each space, and you’ve thought about the color and style of tile you’d like, you get to hit the showroom floor. By bringing in pictures of rooms, patterns, and tiles that you like, you’ll make the process even easier, and you’ll be more likely to end up with a finished look that you love. If you’re remodeling, bring pictures of the rest of your house, so you can update your space without losing the character or overall style of your home.


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This is where a professional can really help you, because they’ll know what extra trim pieces you might need and can offer suggestions about tile patterns and accents to give your room the polished look you want. A pro can even make recommendations for paint colors, faucets, light fixtures and finishes, cabinet pulls and other details to finish out your project.

(Photos courtesy of Louisville Tile Chattanooga)