Lookout Mountain

Spread along the margins of Tennessee's southern border, the northwest corner of Georgia, and northeast Alabama, Lookout Mountain is poised atop the Cumberland Plateau just minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

Lookout Mountain's natural beauty welcomes and its captivating historic past lures both residents and visitors alike. Even prior to the Civil War its potential as a destination and getaway was recognized.  For many the mention of Lookout Mountain conjures up images of its numerous tourist attractions, but a city of the same name also exists on the ridge of the plateau and the city spans three states - TennesseeGeorgia, and Alabama.

Some of the area's most stunning homes sit on the precipice of the brow offering equally stunning views.  The neighborhoods there are well established and are among the oldest and most attractive in the area.  Homes on the mountain simultaneously preserve an air of civility based on southern traditions and generate excitement about the future as an evolving area focused on progress. 

From living to playing one can find almost anything needed on the top of the mountain.  A country club, The Fairyland Club, and a private golf course, Lookout Mountain Golf Club, are located there.  A playground, the Mountain Maze, was built by area residents and provides recreational activity for children.

The caves of Ruby Falls are contained within Lookout Mountain, and the rock formations of the Rock City tourist attraction are situated on the ridge, as well as the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. From Rock City, it is said that seven U.S. states can be seen.

Nearby are Georgia's Cloudland Canyon and Cloudland Canyon State Park. The mountain, which hosts the nation's largest hang gliding school and Covenant College, is one of the most visited tourist attractions. 

Stretching along the western face of Lookout Mountain is Sunset Park, offering a variety of climbing for anyone from beginner to the seasoned climber. 

The foothills of the mountain extend into Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military ParkPoint Park, a unit of the Lookout Mountain Battlefield, is located on top of the mountain.  The Cravens House is also a part of the park.  

Photo by Dwight Montague 


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Lookout Mountain Schools

The exceptional public schools attract many families to Lookout. Click the school names below to visit their websites and learn more. 

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